Sending Bitcoin – Wallet Service

Bitcoin Wallet Service is a free open source service that allows merchants to send bitcoin and retain custody of their funds. Resources Source Code Youtube Video Requirements Linux System Python 3.8 Git Postman ( For Testing ) Initial Setup The code repository of the Self Hosted Wallet Service is available on Github here. …

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Introduction to Payment Widgets

In this tutorial, we will understand how to use payment widget in your website using a news paywall example Resources Source Code Youtube Video Tech Stack Python (Django) SQLite HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Setting Up The entire code for this demo is available on GitHub and you can fork it here. The step by step instructions on …

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API Library in Python

Moneywagon is universal bitcoin/altcoin blockchain client library for python. Instead of depending on one service provider, user can choose to sample multiple/random API service Resources Source Code

Greed – Telegram Shopping Bot

Greed is an e-commerce bot running on Telegram. It allows users to chat with it to purchase goods and pay for them in bitcoin Resources Source Code Youtube Video Requirements Initial Setup The code repository of the Telegram Bot integrated with Blockonomics payments is available on GitHub here.┬áThe step-by-step instructions on how to …

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Avideo – Streaming platform

Avideo is an open source video streaming platform that has been adopted in 190+ countries, and has 1,475,560+ Audio and Video Uploads. It has integrated Blockonomics for Bitcoin Payment Option Resources Source Code Website