Dev Video, Code and Tutorial Archive

  • Wallet Setup Tips
    This post gives useful tips on how to setup your bitcoin wallet on test/production to be used with Blockonomics to accept bitcoin payments Resources … Read more
  • Sending Bitcoin – Wallet Service
    Bitcoin Wallet Service is a free open source service that allows merchants to send bitcoin and retain custody of their funds. Resources Source Code … Read more
  • Introduction to Payment Widgets
    In this tutorial, we will understand how to use payment widget in your website using a news paywall example Resources Source Code Youtube … Read more
  • Testing Blockonomics API’s Locally
    In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to test your application having Blockonomics APIs before deploying it on the cloud. We … Read more
  • API Library in Java
    Java Wrapper of the Blockonomics RESTful API Resources Source Code
  • API Library in Golang
    Go Language Library having major API calls along with code to created automated P2P invoices Resources Source Code
  • API Library in Python
    Moneywagon is universal bitcoin/altcoin blockchain client library for python. Instead of depending on one service provider, user can choose to sample multiple/random API service … Read more
  • API Library in NodeJS
    NodeJS API Library have all major API calls like getBalance, History, Add/Delete Address Resources Source Code
  • FileShop – Sell files for bitcoin
    File shop is Website/marketplace to sell files anonymously and receive BTC or BCH Source Code
  • Greed – Telegram Shopping Bot
    Greed is an e-commerce bot running on Telegram. It allows users to chat with it to purchase goods and pay for them in bitcoin … Read more